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What is “MIG” Welding?

MIG simply stands for “Metal Inert Gas”. MIG welding is also sometimes called “Gas Metal Arc Welding” (GMAW), or “Metal Active Gas Welding” (MAG). All of these terms pretty much refer to the same process. MIG Welding uses both a continuous-feed electrode wire as well as shielding gas in the metal welding process.

How Does “MIG” Welding Work?

MIG Welding basically employs a hand-held torch holding an electrode or “wire” through which electrical current passes that generates the arc which creates the heat necessary to melt metal. The hand-held torch contains an electrode wire which automatically feeds through the inside of the torch, melts upon exiting the torch and produces the weld. The electrode wire is fed into the torch continuously by a wire feed unit that pulls the continuous piece of electrode wire from an electrode source.

A power source connected to the torch sends high-voltage electricity through the electrode wire running through the middle of the torch. The power source is also connected to the piece of metal that is being worked on (the “workpiece”). This results in the high-voltage electrical current from the power source running through the electrode wire in the torch and jumping across to the workpiece. As the electrical current jumps across to the workpiece, it creates a spark or “arc” which generates heat. This heat melts the electrode wire and produces the weld.

Gas (called “Shielding Gas”) is also forced through the torch from a gas source (tank) that is connected to the torch. The gas blows across the area where the weld is being made to force other atmospheric impurities away from the weld area. This is necessary because these impurities could combine with the welded metal when it solidifies, and could weaken the resulting weld.

If you are planning a welding project in Perth, and you need welding Perth specialists to make your vision a reality – look no further, Arktek Industries will do the job.

Plotter Printer Repair gftr

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Plotter Printer Repair

For plotter printer repair in Dubai, individuals and businesses come to plotter repair Dubai service center to get their workday back on track. Broken or malfunctioning plotter printers are nothing but a heap of junk machinery on your desk or in your office. Don’t give up on your broken office equipment just yet. Plotter repair specialists can get them back in working order, saving you the expense of new products.

Plotter Printer Repair gftr

Plotter repair Dubai experienced technicians can deal with all types of malfunctioning or broken office equipment. With working knowledge of both computer programming and mechanics, they can handle any and all repairs. Often, what seems like a complex problem can actually be fixed easily by replacing a part or making adjustments. Plotter repair services work with most brands and styles, including many older models and brand new editions.

Plotter repair services will also make sure that everything is taken care of within your budget. If they feel a new machine would be a better investment, you can talk about different products that work best for your business. From new to re-manufactured printers, they can ensure you’re getting the greatest value for your budget.

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Preparing To Meet With A Patent Attorney

When you set up your appointment with a patent attorney, most patent attorneys will send you an invention disclosure form to fill out. This form will ask you about your invention, the problems it solves, when it was invented, and so on. It will also ask you about related or similar inventions of which you are aware. Last but not least, it will ask you exactly what it is that makes your invention new, and novel, when compared to everything that is already out there.

When you meet with your patent attorney or a patent agency, such as Invent Help, it is helpful to bring drawings or photographs (if available) of your invention. Try to answer all of the questions on the invention disclosure form before meeting with your patent attorney.

Meeting With A Patent Attorney

Your initial consultation should serve two purposes. One, to help you decide if you need to patent your invention. Two, to decide if you want this patent attorney to represent you.

The patent attorney will ask you to describe your invention, how it is made and used. And will ask you what makes your invention an improvement over existing products or processes.

You should also discuss the market for your invention, to determine whether the market would justify paying for a patent. Finally, the patent attorney should give you an overview of the patent process, costs, and timeline so that you can decide whether you would like to proceed with a patent search and/or patent application.

Do You Need To File For A Patent Right Now?

Your patent attorney will also ask you if you have disclosed, offered for sale, or otherwise used your invention in public. This is an important question because it may determine whether or not you can file for patent on your invention.

If you have disclosed, offered for sale or otherwise used your invention in public, you have exactly one year from the date of first public use in which to file for a patent. If you fail to file your application before the expiration of this one-year “grace period” you will be barred from receiving a patent.

It is also important to note that many foreign countries do not have a “grace period”. In order to protect your rights to a foreign patent, you must make sure to file for a patent before using or otherwise disclosing your invention in public. So getting support from InventHelp in the process would be beneficial.

Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation, and should be able to give you good advice as to whether you would benefit from patenting your invention, and what you need to do in the meantime to protect your rights.

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Time When to Get a Patent Attorney

Bringing newly created products to retail stores help to boost the economy. It will also help to get the inventor started on a new career path. But there is a chance that the company could be placed in jeopardy if no patent is obtained when the item is first invented. And the entrepreneur should know when it it the right time to get a patent. If this is not done in a timely manner the whole company could be placed at risk.

There are some key times in the life of an inventor when it is important to hire a patent attorney. Some entrepreneurs choose to get a lawyer on staff that will take care of the needs of the business. If this is not the right route for you, then you will need to know when to do so and you can learn more from this step by step guide for inventors. The following is a list of the milestones that will require the help of a patent attorney:

The First Invention – The first time that you invent a new product is an exciting day. The possibilities for the item that you design are limitless. But there are several things that must be done before you can realize your dream of getting the item on store shelves. One of them is to get a patent on the product. This will protect the item from being copied by a large company or another inventor.

Maintaining A Patent – Sometimes a patent will expire on the products that you have made. When this happens it is important to hire a patent attorney to get the patent extended. Failure to do so will mean that there is no protection on the device. This will make it possible for another inventor or a large company to copy the design of the item. Having another entity make the same product will minimize the amount of profit potential.

New Inventions – Anytime that a new product is created there will be a need for a patent attorney. They will be able to get new patents on these products as soon as they are made. A patent is not just required for the first item, but all additional inventions which are created by the company. Hiring a patent attorney will make getting patents on these new products quick and easy. There are much more useful tips like these on https://www.iedunote.com/just-starting-out-as-an-inventor-inventhelp-is-everything-you-need article.

Searching For Patents – When you have an idea for a product you will need to know that a patent does not currently exist on the item. This requires doing a search for the item with the database of existing patents.

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Helping Inventors Protect Their Ideas

To obtain legally binding invention protection, you need a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). A patent provides both invention and intellectual property protection. The length and requirements of patent applications are determined by the type of patent as described in details on https://fingerlakes1.com/2021/07/08/team-up-with-inventhelp-to-take-your-career-to-the-next-level/.

Design patents require a descriptive title, an optional description, one claim (the patented design), and drawings showing the object from all possible angles, with appropriate descriptions. Plant patents require a title, specification (description of characteristics, related plants, and proof of asexual production) one claim, and two color depictions.

More complicated are utility patents, which require several sections of great length, including a discussion of prior art (previous patents), the object and advantages of your invention, drawings, a detailed description of the invention, and legal claims of its attributes.

The claims, in particular, are difficult to write without a patent professionals, such as InventHelp, as they must be worded in specific legal jargon. It’s possible to have a perfectly good patent rejected simply due to application mistakes.

It is also possible for an approved patent to become essentially useless. This can happen if a thorough description is not given, making it easy for competitors get around the patent’s specifications. To ensure adequate protection, it’s recommended that you hire a patent attorney to write your application.

So, when patenting your product, how do you go about finding the right patent lawyer? Selecting one at random means risking a rejected application. Instead, seek an attorney with solid experience and references, and a high success rate of patenting inventions. Patent Attorney can help. If you would like a personalized referral or additional information about what obtaining a patent entails, please visit Inventhelp.

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Foreign Patent Filing Under the Paris Convention

The most important point to remember about foreign patent filing under the Paris Convention is that before you even begin the process most foreign countries require you to have already filed your U.S. patent application. This has to be done before any public disclosure of the patent. Failure to do so would mean the loss of any foreign patent filing rights you had.

Using the Paris Convention when foreign patent filing guarantees that any signatory country will give the same patent and trademark rights to citizens of foreign member countries that it gives to citizens of its own country. The foreign patent filing applications must be made to Paris Convention countries within one year after filing the U.S. patent.

The US Filing date is the priority date when foreign patent filing. This priority right means that your foreign application will be given the same consideration as the application of a citizen of a member country who filed on the same date. The one year after filing the U.S. applies only to patents. There are companies such as InventHelp that can help you out with this.

Applications for industrial designs and trademarks need to be made within six months. The one year or six months is given because it is not logistically possible foreign patent filing to file on the same date in all of the countries of your choosing.

No State emblems of any member country may be used without express prior authorization. This prohibition also applies to any governmental organizations to which each State belongs. The application will be invalidated if there is improper use of any State emblem. When you are in the process of foreign patent filing the prohibition does not apply if there is nothing to suggest to the public that a connection exists between the applicant and the concerned organization.

When foreign patent filing using the Paris Convention, keep in mind that if you are granted a patent in one State, other States are not then also obligated to grant the patent. Each State is independent of the other. It is advisable to get help with this and there are a lot of companies that are there to help for new inventors. Also, if one State does not grant the patent, another State is not allowed to then deny someone who is foreign patent filing the granting of a patent because of the refusal.

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Real Estate Owner or Renter

While many real estate agents encourage an ownership mindset when it comes to real estate decisions, they have a hard time shaking the renter mindset when it comes to their own real estate website. Are you really going to invest serious time or money in a website you don’t actually own, knowing that if you decide to switch providers, you’ll have to give it back and start over? Of course not.

The solution, of course, is to own your real estate website, not rent it from a boilerplate real estate website provider. There is obviously more cost up front with this approach, but the payoff can be the difference between surviving and thriving in your real estate career. Owning your own site gives you freedom you never thought you had to try new strategies, add new content, and implement customized sales tools. And with today’s WordPress templates and plugins for real estate it couldn’t be easier to make your own real estate site. There are very good tutorials and reviews all over the net, like this review from 2021 IDX study.

Don’t Lose Your SEO Investment

One of the most important reasons to own your own site is that it ensures you won’t lose your SEO investment. When you own a professionally built, search engine friendly real estate website, you can confidently invest in it to improve its sales performance knowing that you will still own it a decade from now. Sure, you may change the colors or graphic design every now and then, but that doesn’t lose your SEO investment.

Some of the most important aspects of SEO are maturity (how long has your site been around?), content (how relevant is your information to what people are looking for?), and backlinking (how many other websites point links back to yours?). When you change websites like underwear, you are constantly resetting the clock on your SEO profile, ensuring your site never ranks as well as it should. On the contrary, when you commit yourself to owning your site and investing in it for a lifetime, it will only improve with age, providing a greater and greater share of your leads and income.

Don’t make the mistake so many other real estate agents make. Don’t keep renting every new website that comes along. They’re just designed to enslave you to their rental business model. Instead, make the determination to take control of your web marketing efforts for life and become an owner, not a renter.

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Kid Invention Ideas Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Who better to create products for children, then children? Kid invention ideas are selling like hotcakes. The new ideas out on the shelves today are incredible!

Marketing strategies for these Kid Invention Ideas are also being created by children. Why not? They know what they like when they see it. They know which products are the “hottest” new thing. So the thought that they would also be involved in the marketing aspect of these products goes without saying.

A great way to help secure your children’s future would be to ask them to create a new toy. Explain to them that Kid Invention Ideas are hot sellers and they could be famous! For a child, that is a huge incentive. Listen to your children, help them to develop their ideas into reality. You will be amazed with what they come up with.

There are many companies, such as InventHelp that offer services to help you get these ideas off of the paper and onto the store shelves. These companies can help you with funding your ideas and help you with patents. They will assign you an independent patent attorney to help you prepare and file a U.S. patent application.

Do not let the process overwhelm you. These companies will help you every step of the way. You will be assigned your own salesperson who will spend a lot of time talking with you and answering any of your questions. Kid Invention Ideas are extremely profitable and these companies would go the extra mile to help you.

Once you have submitted your Kid Invention Ideas, the company will help you to develop and market your child’s product. They will not only send out mailings about your product(s), they will attend several trade shows, as well.

Another great way to get Kid Invention Ideas in to stores is to contact companies and manufacturers directly. The company that you choose to work with will do all of this for you. The entire process will be very fun and exciting for the entire family.

Most of these companies have a toll free number you can call and request a free inventors information kit. Explain to them you have several Kid Invention Ideas and you are ready to begin the process. One phone call and you and your children could be on your way to financial freedom. You can learn more about InventHelp from numerous InventHelp reviews online.

Be sure to explain to your children that Kid Invention Ideas are huge and to never stop brainstorming. Just because one idea is not picked up, the next could be. There is unlimited potential and they should never give up. Always be supportive and helpful of their ideas and encourage them to reach for the stars.

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Chlamydia Testing Kits – Instant and Safe

A lot of people get concerned about something before having unprotected sex – pregnancy, but they forget that unsafe sex brings a hoard of risks and diseases. Some believe that unsafe sex just once is no risk at all, but it is undeniably wrong. To keep you and your partner safe and healthy, you should use the proper barrier protection.

In other words, you should use condoms as a barrier device each and every time for safe sex. We all know unprotected sex is the most common way to get an HIV infection or STD (sexually transmitted disease), and it is a major risk factor for the global burden of disease.

A barrier device will probably reduce the probability of pregnancy and spreading sexually transmitted diseases. If you had unsafe sex last time, then you should go for an STD test. You never know that your partner could have an STD.

There are several sexually transmitted diseases such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia and HIV. Sexually active people with multiple partners are at maximum risk to get infected with chlamydia.

If you are planning to go for this chlamydia infection test and want instant results then you can go for Chlamydia home testing kits to perform STD Tests at home. These kits are very safe and easy to use. They provide 100% accurate and instant results.

You can purchase these Chlamydia testing kits online at little expense. Some websites also provide other STD testing kits like HIV blood test kit, Hepatitis C Test Kit, Oral HIV test Kit at reasonable rates.

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Achieving Your Health Goals Through a Vegan Diet Meal Plan

If you are like many people out there today, then you may be struggling to reach your ideal weight and fitness level. Whether it’s losing weight, maintaining your current weight, or just trying to promote your general health, a vegan diet meal plan can help you achieve your fitness goals. Did you know that there are many benefits of having a vegetarian diet? Learning how to incorporate these dietary changes in your life may be the answer that you’re looking for so that you can live healthier and achieve your healthy weight goals.

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

One of the biggest benefits of being a vegetarian, is that you eliminate many high-fat food sources. Though meat can be a great source of protein, it is usually very high in fat and can often be unhealthy. By abstaining from eating meat, you will notice that your fat intake will dramatically decrease. There are plant based meat products as shown on Verygoodbutchers. Likewise, when making the switch from your normal diet to a vegan diet you will be very conscious of all the food choices that you make. This is because the diet will force you to actually think about what you’re eating and find healthy substitutes for meat.

When we think more about what we eat, we tend to make much healthier choices about our food because we’re much more conscious about what goes in them and what the consequences are for eating them. This helps us regulate our intake of food choices that may not be healthy, and allows us to take the time to incorporate more healthy and wholesome foods in our diet.

The Importance of Sticking To a Meal Plan

As with any healthy diet, regulating your caloric intake is essential in maintaining are losing weight. No matter what kind diet you are on, the basic science is the same – when you consume less calories than you burn, you will gradually lose weight. Conversely, when you consume more calories than you burn, no matter what you’re eating, you will gain weight. Even though vegan diets can be highly nutritious, there are also many foods that fit within the diet that are high in calories. Blindly eating foods without thought to their nutritional value and the amount of calories that they have will result in failure almost every time, even if you’re on a vegan diet.

When you stick to a meal plan you are teaching your body self-discipline. When you take the time to write out a meal plan, you will notice that you give a lot more thought into the things that are healthy for you. When this happens, you can use better judgment to decide what is right for you. Likewise, meal plans can tell you exactly what you need to purchase from the store rather than blindly guessing and purchasing unhealthy foods.

Vegan Meal Plans Are Delicious

Many people have false, preconceived notions that vegan diets, or any other healthy eating plan, don’t not allow for flavor or variety. This is clearly false. There many excellent vegan meal plans that allow for a wide variety of delicious foods that you can choose from. Don’t let a diet restrict all of the food you like. Vegan meal plans work by giving you the choice of many different options that are healthy for you. This means that you can select foods that you enjoy while knowing that eating them will provide you with the essential nutrients and calories that you need to have energy during the day. Though at times the transition can be difficult, switching to a vegan meal plan is a great way to maintain your general health and achieve your ideal weight goals.