5 Reasons For A Press Release

Here are 5 key reasons for a company to utilize a press release service:

It’s a great way to improve the company’s visibility. Trying to get recognized today can be difficult, especially for smaller local businesses. Valuable exposure can be gained by utilizing a long-term press release distribution plan.

First, it puts you in front of potential customers, giving you the opportunity to tell a unique story about your company. Secondly, if the press releases are well written, the media picking up your stories will give you more coverage over time.

You can become known as an industry leader and expert through press releases. Most people tend to trust what they read and hear through reputable news sources. The press release will help you gain consumer trust and eventual business.

Also, the media is always looking for industry experts to comment on related news stories. Constant exposure can place you in that expert position. This is another grand slam!

A well-written press release can give you far reaching exposure. Media outlets share stories and most of them come from local news items. Due to the internet, these can quickly spread. It only takes one reporter to show an interest in your local story for that story to quickly become national or even international. Think of the business potential!

They provide SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. You can gain great exposure for your website by distributing press releases with beneficial keywords. This is a great way for small business to increase their website page ranking with the various search engines.

For the exposure you can get, a press release is relatively inexpensive. This is especially true when you compare it to other various forms of paid advertising, and the quantity of exposure that can be gained through a release.

It’s time to begin utilizing a press release service to greatly expose your business, but be sure to do your research on a company you wish to hire for your press release. There are reviews websites where you can find press release distribution services you can trust, since you can read the reviews and other user’s experience. Even in this day of high tech and new media, they are still very much alive and very beneficial to businesses.

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