About Manga and Anime

Anime are consumed mainly by the otaku, who in the West have agreed to call people who are fanatical about Japanese pop culture.

Among the otaku there are also cosplayers, fans of a certain anime or manga who like to characterize themselves as some characters from their favorite Japanese series.

Usually, at otaku conventions and meetings (which explore a lot of passion for anime and manga), cosplay championships take place, with the aim of rewarding cosplayer with the best characterization and performance.

Characteristics of anime

Anime drawings are characterized by an intense demonstration of the characters’ feelings and emotions through their facial expressions.

The big eyes, full of brightness and color, the onomatopoeia and exaggerated expressions are some of the most common characteristics in anime.

There are many websites on the internet where you can watch anime series online for free. There are sites where you need to download the movie in order to watch it and there are websites where you can watch anime on site without downloading.

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