All You Need to Know About Hawaii

Volcanoes erupting underwater thousands of years ago are what made the Hawaiian Islands. This is why the sands of Hawaii are so exotic in color. The fertile ocean waters helped turn these new islands into treasure troves of exotic wildlife. According to tradition, there were people in Hawaii before there were people in North America. The first residents of Hawaii traveled from other parts of Polynesia, including the Marquesas Islands. The United States gained Hawaii from Spain as part of the treaty ending the Spanish-American War. Hawaii was made the fiftieth state on August 21, 1959.

Nature shows often feature the lava that still makes its way from the center of the earth onto the ocean floor – the islands are still growing every day. The big island has a volcano hidden under it that will contribute to the growth of the islands for centuries to come. The six main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago are:

1. Hawaii, also known as the “Big Island” is the largest of the chain and has the most nature locales.

2. Maui, or the “Valley Island” was named after the Polynesian demigod Maui. Maui is located right next to the big island.

3. Lanai, or the “Pineapple Island,” is known for its delicious pineapple crops and is the smallest of the six islands.

4. Molokai, or the “Friendly Island,” is less developed than some of the other islands but is known for its amazing beach views.

5. Oahu, or the “Gathering Place,” has the most dense population and also is the home of Honolulu, the state capital.

6. Kauai, or the “Garden Island,” has the peerless Waimea Canyon and unusual plant life.

Whether you love tropical rainforests, mountain views, or beachfront sights, the Hawaiian Islands are for you and there are quite a few Private tours in Hawaii you can book to make your vacation even better. You can hike, ride horses, and take tours throughout the forests that populate the islands. On the beaches, you can go scuba diving or snorkeling, take underwater tours, and even ride on a submarine, in addition to the typical pastimes of sunning and swimming. The Garden Island, Kauai, feels like Mother Nature’s first laboratory, where there are so many unique things to see.

Molokai has a wealth of options for the traveler, ranging from amazing golf courses to numerous fishing and underwater opportunities. The big island is home to the Mauna Kea Golf Course, Ko Olina, and the Challenge at Manele, and is a favorite destination for golfers. The islands boast more than 80 courses. If you are ready to head indoors, Hawaii has a wealth of museums, cultural opportunities, and an energetic night life.

One of the most popular characteristics of Hawaii is its weather. The temperature is almost always between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. While typhoons may arrive between June and November, and while the rainy season goes from September to April, there is basically never a bad time to visit the islands. The winter features huge breakers on the north shore of Oahu that draw surfers from around the globe. During the summer months, the surfers move to the south beaches, particularly Waikiki and Poipu. Make sure you book far enough in advance to get the lodging and amenities you want, at the price you can afford.

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