Apply for a Patent

When you apply for patent you need to submit an application to the USPTO which is the United States Patent and Trademark Office. When you apply for a patent you need to make sure and cover all your basis. The patent application is a process that requires a lot of legal language and drafting pictures to illustrate what your patent is supposed to look like so getting professional help from agencies such as Invent Help is adisable. There are several different types of patents that you need to decide on. There are method patents, utility patents, and provisional patents to name a few.

Applying for a patent generally involves three steps. First, the person (or company) seeking patent protection must file a patent application at the Patent Office. The most important element of applying for a patent is writing the the “claims” portion of the application. This is the part that describes which aspects of the invention the inventor is attempting to patent.

Writing a patent application has its own set of conventions that take some experience to know well. For that reason, it’s common for an inventor to write a detailed description and figures of the invention himself, and to let a patent attorney or a patenting agency such as Invent Help write the more legally complicated portions of the application based on that information.

Second, the Patent Office performs a novelty search, checking all the literature available to it to find documents that describe the invention in part or in whole. Lastly, an Examiner decides on the patentability of the invention in light of the report of the novelty search. If there is still an invention left, the applicant is granted a patent at this point.

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