Apply These Techniques To Get Patent

Meet with a patent professional, such as a registered patent agent or patent attorney, to discuss the right type of patent application for you. There are four types of patent applications available in the U.S.- provisional patent application, utility patent application, design patent application, and plant patent application. A patent professional can discuss the pros and cons of the four patent applications, and decide which type is best for you as you can read fromĀ

A provisional patent application allows the inventor to file a document describing all aspects of their invention. A provisional patent application does not require claims and does not require a strict form, as is required for a utility patent application. The USPTO filing fees are significantly lower for a provisional patent application than other patent applications.

A provisional patent application may be preferred when the inventor requires extra time for experimentation, or money to invest in the invention. If you file a provisional patent application, you must file a regular utility patent application within one (1) year to claim the benefit of filing date of the provisional patent application filing date. A solid low cost law firm charges $1500 (plus USPTO $80 filing filing fee for a small entity) for preparation of a basic provisional patent application (which should include review and consultation with a patent attorney).

A regular patent application, also called a utility patent application, is appropriate when the invention performs a function. The invention must be new, useful and nonobvious. A utility patent application has a required formal format and contains claims which define the extent of your invention. It is recommended to utilize a patent professional when preparing and filing a utility patent application.

A decent cost from a low cost law firm is around $3500 (plus USPTO filing fee of $385 for a small entity) for the preparation of a basic utility patent application, including drafting claims. This includes consultation with a patent attorney that will review and file your utility patent application. More complicated inventions will require additional preparation as explained onĀ

A design patent application is used to protect the ornamentation of a device. Choosing a design patent application may be the best way to protect how an item looks. You can get a design patent application prepared by a law firm for around $800 (plus $170 USPTO filing fee for a small entity) for the preparation and filing of a basic design patent application. This fee should include a discussion with a patent attorney who will review and file your patent application- and discuss the aspects of preparing your design patent application.

A plant patent application is for asexually reproducible plants.

Once a patent application has been filed, it is recommended to mark your invention as “patent pending.”

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