Best And Most Popular Anime Series

Animation series or anime, which originated in Japan, has had a considerable influence on the West. Animation series are also made for children, however, an older demographic is the primary target of anime that have an unrealistic story line and their incredible Manga style art. Whether on television or in print, anime is extremely popular nowadays. Some of the most popular อนิเมะ series are as follows:

Dragon Ball: In this series, the main character is Goku, who is basically an extra-terrestrial with a monkey tail. He comes of age and now sets out on the quest to gather seven Dragon balls from all over the world. Collecting these balls will release a dragon who can grant a single wish. The protection of innocence, the fight for justice, trust and friendship is what the story of Dragon Ball is all about. The sequels are a bit darker than the original series, but they reflect brilliant character development and have breathtaking fights. Adults and children worldwide love Goku.

One Piece: The main character of this story is a pirate boy who eats the fruit of a special tree and becomes elastic. He is on the hunt for a legendary treasure, which is called One piece. The unique thing about this story is that it is not true to the stereotype of pirates that have been created over time such as the eye patch. Rather than that, the pirates have other abilities. Instead of violence, the story focuses on adventure and the characters are scruffy, yet lovable.

Naruto: Adolescent Naruto is the primary character of this story, who becomes a ninja for proving himself to his fellow villagers. The villagers have always treated him with disgust and looked down upon him because in the body of Naruto, who is an orphan, a fox demon, having nine tails is trapped. Naruto has to achieve the highest rank of the ninja, Hokage and he has to realize this destiny for redeeming himself. He makes friends and receives encouragement from teachers. The story is thrilling and action packed.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: This anime series is futuristic and shows teenagers being trained for piloting Evangelions. These are huge robots and their purpose is to protect the planet from angels, big space creatures. There are several layers in this story and it has plenty of cerebral content. It comprises of well-developed characters and every episode shows off a new secret. This series is ideal for science fiction fans.

Full Metal Alchemist: This story is related to two brothers who went under an experiment. It turned out to be a disaster and they have lost their body parts. They have to look for the missing pieces, but in the meanwhile, they have used metal for replacing their missing parts. Although it sounds depressing, this animated series is full of witticism and humor. Unlike other anime, it is not choppy, but interesting. It offers plenty of adventure to people and is quite impressive.

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