Couple of Thoughts on Batman Arkham City

I don’t want to spoil the story but the game takes place in the Arkham Asylum Facility. And Batman has lots and lots of enemies to capture, bad guys to beat and mysteries to solve.

After Shock

The game’s storyline, gameplay, music, puzzles were all in great harmony that it wasn’t too late the game was selected as the Best Game Of The Year 2009. And the sales were also a booming.

The fans were so curious about if there will be any second game after that. And Rocksteady Studios made the announcement. The Batman Arkham Asylum video game second game was under development and was released in Fall 2011.

The sequel to the first game named Batman Arkham City. Because the game takes place in Gotham City now. Except with one difference. Most of the Arkham Prison inmates are now in Gotham City. And Batman got to catch them all!

So if you haven’t played the first game yet go grab it now, or you can wait for couple of months to get the remastered version for PS4 or Xbox one. That’s right, according to this article on, there was a survey in the gaming industry about remastering both Batman Arkham City and the Batman Arkham Asylum games, and it seems that the developers will do it. Because it’s going to much more great!!!

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