Do Use A Provisional Patent

There are some instances where you may be told not to use a provisional patent but instead to just get the permanent option. A provisional application for a patent is a process that you do want to go through. Here, you solve a quite unique problem that many individuals have who invent a product they are not sure will sell.

How can you take your patent away to show investors and to find out what it could sell for without spilling too much information that could cost you the rights to the product? This is what a provisional patent does for you.

It is important to know if your product has a commercial appeal to it. If it does not, you have two options: forget the product for good or instead make significant changes that will better enhance this functionality as you can watch on this channel –¬†

If you have a provisional patent in place, the process for finding this information out is possible without over exposing the product or spending too much money on a patent that needs to change considerably later.

The use of provisional patents was not always an option. Prior to 1995, an inventor would have to build the invention on their own or they could get a patent (permanent application for a patent) before they could let anyone know about their product so that the product can be made as you can read from

In some situations, it is nearly impossible to build a working prototype of an invention without the required skills, resources and tools that you would need. The second problem with this is the cost of the patent application. You would need to have an attorney go through the patent process for you, which will cost you a lot of money.

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