Fortnite Online Game

To the place of battle your character will be delivered by the plane, but you have to choose the landing point yourself. On the map, look for a place free of potential enemies and click on it. This precaution is necessary, because the protagonist at first is completely unarmed and there is nothing to defend him. You will need to get armament on the ground. Most often it is hidden in buildings or boxes. Search them, and as soon as you see, the competition is big and the enemy soldier can get ahead of your fighter. Also, there is an opportunity to replenish your arsenal, simply selecting the trophies from the enemy you killed.

Fortnite controls:

WASD movement, click to shoot, E pick up a thing.

Another feature of Fortnite is that it is impossible to arrange ambushes and shoot opponents from the shelter. The slightest stop or simple, cause a fog of poisonous fog, which slowly kills the characters. Try to stay constantly in motion and look for favorable positions, the only place where you can not be afraid of poisoning is at home. To cure injuries and improve health protagonist will be able to first aid kits and potions, which are also sometimes found in boxes. Remember that you have one extra life left in the game, having dropped out of the game for the first time, you can always go back and continue the race from the positions you left earlier.

You will need a lot of v bucks to stay competent. V bucks is the money in the game. As in real life the more money you have, in this case we are talking about v bucks, the better you will live. A lot of players get confused with this and end up buying v bucks. But there are a lot of different ways to get v bucks and fortunately there are a lot of websites likeĀ, where you can find Fortnite guides and tricks for v bucks.

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