Garmin Edge Review

There are many features of Garmin Edge 800. It can practically perform any task with exception of turning pedals. Basically, the Garmin Edge 800 is an advancement of Garmin 705 which incorporates exclusive features such as touch-screen functionality as well as ANT+. If you already posses an Edge 500, then you are well versed with the menu options and functionality (without the maps). The mapping capabilities of Edge 800 are the important improvements from Edge 500 and should be the core reasons for upgrading.

The majority of users have enjoyed all the features offered by the compact Garmin Edge 500 but the Edge 520 has a lot more features that make it attractive and appealing. Garmin Edge 705 has been too bulky, especially when fixed to handlebars. The Edge 520, on the other hand, has a complete-color backlit display, to make the functionality more viable owing to its size, which is exceptionally large for all display function. The touch-screen needs pressure to start the on-screen buttons and can be used together with gloves. Besides, it works better in the wet conditions. Conversely, even though it is touch screen, gestures cannot be used to zoom the map. Instead there exists zoom in and out icons on the map. But all the same the system works perfectly.

The Edge 520 has got two different color options – black with blue or white accents. It is an attractive unit having a carbon fibre style front facade. The two main reasons why you should get yourself the Garmin Edge 520 are its outstanding Training Display (speed, time, power, distance and many others.) and Mapping abilities. Using any function on the Edge 520 is quite simple and easy to operate. There are two buttons on the front to lap/reset and stop/start as well as another physical button on the unit’s left-hand side. All other functions can be accessed through the touch screen in a user friendly manner.

Many users like the training display screen because by pressing on any area one can choose another function to display. Hence the reduction of many screens to display different fields, (like in the case of the Garmin Edge 500). One can easily load maps onto the unit from different sites which can guide you on your ride.

Navigating the map menus is simple. The only problem may be that navigation routes shown on the screen may at times be hard to differentiate from other features in the map like roads, rivers, boundaries. However, navigating to a particular destination is made easy since the unit is able to notify you if there is a nearby turn and the map can be zoomed to a suitable scale. It will also alert you if you are off the route and the way to get to the original route. Typical navigational functions such as plotting the nearest petrol station or forest as provided by car satellite navigational units are also available. Moreover it can help when you are away from home in an unknown place or country.

If you need a GPS unit to follow your training and racing or if you are to travel overseas to unknown places, then Garmin Edge 520 is your best bet.

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