Going Vegan

Being a vegan provides many health benefits as well as prevention of many diseases. There are nutrition benefits, physical benefits, disease prevention and many other benefits. Vegans enjoy nutrition benefits by eating a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, grains and soya products and vegan meat. The diet eliminates toxic substances found in animal products.

Eating vegan diet prevents a number of serious diseases that include: cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, arthritis among many others. It is possible to lower blood pressure by eating a diet rich in grains than eating animal products. Eating grains and nuts and excluding dairy products in your diet will improve your cardiovascular health too.

Eating a vegan diet also provides numerous physical benefits that include weight loss, a healthy skin, smelling good, hair and nails becoming stronger, reduction of allergy symptoms and reduction of bad breath among many other physical benefits. In addition to health benefits, following a vegan lifestyle provides other benefits as well.

Going vegan is beneficial to environment. Vegans believes that when we produce food through animal farming is expensive than growing vegan foods because animal feeds need a lot resources such as land, water, fertilizers, among other resources. If the land used to keep cattle, goats and sheep is instead used to grow crops, then world hunger would be eliminated.

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