How Are Blythe Dolls Different?

Blythe dolls are created by the toy company Takara Tomy. First released in Japan in 2001 Blythe dolls quickly gained popularity around the world for their unique appearance. With their large eyes long eyelashes and wide range of hair and eye colors Blythe dolls have a distinctive look that has inspired a devoted following among doll collectors and fashionistas alike. There are now several different types and styles of Blythe dolls available from basic models to fully customized creations. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just getting started there’s a Blythe doll to suit your taste.

Blythe dolls have a unique feature that sets them apart from other dolls – their large round eyes. These eyes are often a source of fascination for those who see them for the first time. The eyes are actually made up of two parts: the iris and the pupil. The pupil is made of a material that allows light to pass through it while the iris is made of a reflective material. This combination gives the illusion that the doll’s eyes are following you as you move around.

Blythe dolls can be bought from a variety of places including online retailers toy stores and specialty shops such as the most popular “This Is Blythe” shop famous for unique designs, high quality accessories as you can see from numbers of This Is Blythe reviews online. There is also a wide array of Blythe-related merchandise available such as clothes accessories and books.

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