How to Get a Provisional Patent

A provisional patent is a legal document that gives detail description of the invention type. The description of the invention is more or less formal as compared with the other invention. The application of provisional patent and the purpose of the patent is to establish the priority date for the invention.

Provisional patent is simple, and it is a type of interim utility patent. You can go for a patent application filing without going through the formal patent claims or invention descriptions oath statement. This type of patent has a validation of one year, but it is possible to extend the validation by filing in the formal application.

Provisional patent application is supported with invention drawings and text to give knowledge of the invention. This is a precise legal document that can exceed to ten pages at the max as described on The patent application form is written in simple English, free from any specific jargons that is limited to professional groups. This is also a non-formal way of filing patent that the inventor usually files before the formal filing. It is also known as patent pending.

The fee of provisional patent application is comparatively less as compared with other patent applications. Once the non-formal patent application is filed, the inventor has the right to investigate on potential license interest and marketability of the invention. After the process, the inventor can go for formal provisional patent application filing.

Basic guidelines of getting a provisional patent are provided to give better insights and clarity on provisional patent application.

The general rule under the patent law is to outline a brief description of the invention type, the making process, and the usage of invention. The description should be clear and precise enough to give complete idea of the invention and to recognize the way of using the invention. If the description is not so clear and it fails to absorb in the mind of layman, then the patent application may be rejected.

It is wise to start knowing the ways of outlining the description of the invention. You can take the reference of the same from a patent application prepared for non-provisional patent as written it thisĀ article. Remember, provisional patent should be filed by using a United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) paper format.

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