Hyundai small trucks with large load capacity

The Hyundai H150 is a very small truck, but it has a large load capacity, with an advanced and tilting cab with room for three people. It has large black-framed circular headlights, top steering repeaters and daytime running lights built into the set.

In the bumper, built-in fog lights. Noteworthy is the absence of a grid at the top, although there is a small one in the protector. The cabin has vertical handles and rear lookout.

The mirrors are large, as is the windshield, while the windows have a curved base for easy visibility. The wheels are 15 inch rimless steel with no hubcaps, having these 195/70 R15 tires.

Under the bare chassis, full exhaust system, six-speed manual gearbox, cardan shaft, rear spring-beam suspension rigid axle and shock absorbers, as well as moving lights, battery and spare tire under the U-beam.

Inside, the Hyundai H150 has a dashboard reminiscent of the Hyundai Tucson Flex, featuring a cluster with speedometer and fuel levels and water temperature, plus small odometer display and alerts.

The circular ventilation controls are upright and there are four air diffusers. There is also room for a 2DIN sound system. The steering wheel is simple and without controls, but has height adjustment.

The gearshift lever has a cup holder and there is a glove box with space for small objects above on the outside. Gia xe tai Hyundai has power windows and central locking.

The passenger seat has a three-point belt and airbag, but the third passenger has an abdominal belt and no inflatable bag. There is also airbag for the driver, items required by law. The driver’s back is solid, but both seats fold down.

Column A handles make entry easier, while an interior light illuminates the entire cab. Hyundai H150 has fabric lining on the ceiling and doors. The seats are lined in softer fabric.

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