The Importance of Basement Waterproofing to Protect Your Home

To protect your basement from moisture penetration is not enough to isolate only floor, you need to work on walls. Waterproofing basement walls can be made by two methods:

By means of surface impregnation by special hermetic. These hermetic consist of active substances that when penetrating into material’s pores interact with one another. As a result of chemical reaction the dice of inert substance are formed. New compound blocks the capillaries that could make water soak into the housing. Thus the basement waterproofing is guaranteed.

By surface processing of basement walls (plastering, papering, painting). All these methods allow creating an isolated layer between base ground and foundation. Waterproof characteristics of this layer depend on the material that has been chosen and the quality of surface processing.

Paint layers and roll materials that are used for surface processing sometimes can’t sustain the hydrostatic water pressure and they it why they can peel off. The isolation by penetrating materials is considered to be a safer one. This method allows us to get waterproofing basement walls effectively resisting moisture.

Penetrating waterproofing materials are produced as soft sand-cement mixture. Before its use the mixture is diluted by clean water till the creamlike consistence. The formula is coated on a well-wetted basement walls surface in a couple of millimeters by hard brush.

It is necessary to remember that there is no universal protection of underground constructions from water. You can get safe waterproofing basement walls only with the help of correctly chosen system of materials. Surface processing by special formulas is the final stage.

First of all you need to:

  • Block the existing leakages;
  • Repair of demolished areas of basement walls by unshrinkable formula;
  • Open fittings processing by passivation formula;
  • Sealing in the places where pipes, mortgage and anchor elements are;
  • Blocking of salt crystallization;
  • Fungus, moss and mould removal from wall surface;
  • Levelling by crack-resisting formula;

Also you should take into consideration that the penetrating formulas are effective in case if the basement walls are from sand-cement or concrete solutions and in case if these solutions have enough calcium hydroxide that takes part in the processes of crystallization.

Basement protection from moisture can be realized not only after but also during the building. In order to get waterproofing basement walls special mixtures diminishing the material porosity are added into cement grout. The foundation is coated with this cement grout.

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