Involved Steps in Filing a Patent

A patent is a set of rights exclusively granted by the state to an inventor at a given period of time in exchange for the invention’s disclosure. Filing a patent is done for the purpose of protecting one’s invention before bringing it out to the public. However, patent application is not an easy task.

Where to go when filing a patent

The Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is the universal governing body on patent application procedures. One must make sure to strictly follow their regulation and meet their standards to successfully bring one’s invention to completion. Thus, filing a patent may require a lawyer or patent agency, such as InventHelp, to guide you through the entire process of patent application.

  • Here are the important steps that you need to consider in filing a patent application:
  • Make sure that your invention is qualified for patent protection.
  • Before filing a patent application, you have to make sure that your invention is new and different from other previous related inventions.
  • You have to clearly show and explain how your invention works and what its purpose is. A complete record and document of your invention is necessary.

Draft a patent application

As an inventor, you may need to seek the guidance of a legally registered patent agent to help you draft your patent application. This is done to define the industrial use of your invention and its novelty.

Submit the patent application to the country’s patent office. Once the patent application has been completely drafted, you have to submit it to the patent office to get the timestamp for the protection of the patent.

Publication of patent application in a national patent journal. Once your patent has been published, anyone who is interested to get a copy of it, for the reason of reading, agreeing and opposing to it, or for whatever reason he or she has can obtain it upon payment of a fee.

Issuing of First Examination Procedure

This step allows the patent office to thoroughly review every important documents of your patent application. You, as the inventor, will be asked of different and relevant questions on the basis of incentive step, obviousness and novelty. The patent application is deemed a ‘PATENT after putting it forth for grant’.

Filing a patent is like getting a legal contract of your invention and only the inventor or two or more persons involved in the invention can apply for it. It will normally take years for a patent application to be granted. So make sure that you follow the rules and regulations of the governing body religiously. If you are financially unstable to hire a patent attorney, you can file a patent yourself by just following the same procedures as described in However, it may take time for you to fully understand and absorb every detail of the entire process in filing a patent so better do a thorough research first.

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