Most Popular Sewing Machines Brands

A wide range of deviceare available on the market, among them electronic machines, embroidery only machines, two stitch utility machines and rugged rotary models. It is not always easy to find a decent quality model. It is preferable to go with brands known for their effort to manufacture excellent products.

Brother Industries

Brother is a well known for manufacturing fax machines, printers, typewriters, and various computer related electronics and sewing products. It was founded in 1908 in Japan. Their sewing machines are competitively priced, stylish and modern. The list of other products manufactured by the company includes overlockers, embroidery and quilting device.

Singer Corporation

The company was established in 1851 and it is among the most popular sewing machine manufacturers in the world. Singer Corporation managed to create famous products, known for their design and versatility, such as the Singer model 99, Singer model 66 or the Singer Featherweight. If you are looking for the best sewing machine for the money, you can not go wrong with Singer sewing machine. Various consumer products are also manufactured by the company.


The company was founded in 1838 and had a major influence on the textile industry. The Merrow machines create unique stitches which deliver high performance and strong visual impact to customer products. Their machines are able to sew terry towel, woven fabric, knit fabric, denim, technical textiles and various types of fabric.


Necchi products are famous for their high quality metal parts and accessories. A 25-year warranty accompanies all Necchi units. They significantly improved modern sewing machines and manufactured superior products with modern design. Between 1950 and 1970, the company made the curviest sewing machines at that time. The Necchi Mirella is permanently displayed in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.


Janome was established in 1921 and it is among the biggest sewing machine manufacturers on the globe. It has factories in Thailand, Japan and Taiwan. Right from the beginning they have made use of advanced sewing technology. Models are made to improve the user sewing experience. Jerome products are easy to handle and feature excellent accessories and intuitive design.


Founded in Germany in 1862, they focus on quilting machines, embroidery and overlock machines, cabinets and accessories that enlarge the potential of sewing machines. They manufacture both professional and home sewing machines.

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