Patent Lawyers

The granting of a complete patent gives the inventor the legal right to commercially exploit his invention, that is to say the inventor has exclusive rights to his invention. However, in reality many individuals and companies infringe on this right by copying an invention for commercial gain.

Why use patent lawyers?

The US Patents Act allows individuals to file a provisional patent application without the assistance of a patent attorney; however the process is generally a complicated one with many possible pitfalls. If, for example, the nature of the invention becomes public domain upon filing for a provisional patent application, and the breadth, scope, and strength of protection will be determined by the wording, content, and structure of the specifications, definitions, and wording included in the initial patent application. Patent attorneys or Patent agency, such as InventHelp, are specially suited as they lay the groundwork for any possible legal actions that may be taken in the future.

In contrast, patent lawyers have experience in representing patentees against individuals and companies who have copied an invention. Patent lawyers are responsible for protecting the inventor’s right to gain any commercial value from the invention. Typically, patent lawyers will institute legal action against the transgressor with the aim to recoup the inventor’s losses and to stop the individual or company from continuing its activities.

It is important to note that patents only stay in force for the duration of 20 years, upon which the patent will automatically expire. This means that the invention may be freely copied for private or commercial applications as was explained in this article on too.

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