Patent protection

One of the reasons for many advanced countries to be technologically advanced today is that they are protecting their new technologies with patents by R & D studies. Innovative, solution-producing inventions must be protected by patent registration. A major way of providing a competitive advantage against your competitors is the patent.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need for an invention to move the world. Patent protection can be achieved for a new technical innovation that is new to the industry and exceeds the state of the art.

The patent allows the applicant to take advantage of the economic benefits of the invention, and to provide technical and economic superiority to its competitors. It provides the right to prohibit the use of others (competitors) from the present invention as you can see fromĀ

Patents are a very important tool that should be used for companies to be competitive or to be competitive. Firms make innovations to solve problems arising in both their products and production techniques. In order to maintain such innovations and to be more competitive, they must register their innovations with a patent.

Patenting agencies offer you a full range of services to follow up and protect your inventions both at home and abroad, from application procedures to legal process management, from patent research and analysis to converting patents to commercial value at every stage. The patent is a system based on a research report.

A patent application made in US only take effect in the territory of US. If a patent application is requested abroad, the National Patent Application step must be requested for priority. Priority demands from the date a patent application to be made abroad, with US also made a reference to patent applications made after that date will be void as explained in details atĀ

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