Patent Search

One of the core strengths of Patent Services is patent search. Patent Services with its experienced dynamic team provide given below patent analytic services.

It is the prior-art-search carried out by the inventor prior to the filling of the application to confirm that his/her invention is novel or non-obvious thereby making a decision before expending the resources to develop the invention. The search includes the patents existing and published applications as described in article.

It is a wide search carried out in a specific area of interest to know the recent activities, developments and competitor’s strength in that field. This search of gathering information helps the client to take decisions and strategies in that particular field. Patent service in this search involves comprehensive search and analysis of patent and non-patent literature in a particular technology further providing with a graphical and taxonomy representation.

FTO search is carried out on issued and pending patent literature in a particular country/region so that one can make sure that they are not infringing the existing patents in the realm of taking legal decisions regarding their product launch in the market. Patent search involves all patent literatures in a particular country/region by restricting the filing date for a span of 20 years which is the maximum existing period of a patent.

Invalidation search is carried out for an issued patent during infringement litigation or before seeking license from patent holder. The search involves uncovered patents or published prior art that helps in invalidating the scope of a patent and you can find more information about it on

Infringement Search is attempted to check whether if a product/process infringes any in-force patent claims. This search plays a vital role in the case of product/process design/redesign.

Patent service helps to keep the company aware of new inventions in a given area in order to make better decisions about selling their products and processes.

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