Provisional Patent Application

Since June 1995, there has been a procedure in which inventors can file a provisional patent application at a somewhat lower cost than a regular “utility” application. The filing fee is lower and the preparation costs somewhat lower since the provisional application does not have to have patent claims.

The provisional application must be followed up by a corresponding utility patent application within 12 months after filing, or it becomes abandoned. It must have a sufficient description of how to make the invention; the same standard as a utility application must meet as well as patent drawings necessary to describe the invention as explained onĀ

The provisional patent application is of particular advantage when there is a need to have an application on file within a short period of time, but since the description should be as complete as possible, the savings over that obtained by filing a utility application may be minor.

The patent application process is complex and it is strongly advisable that applicants engage a patent attorney or agent to assist in obtaining useful patent protection. The patent process will typically take 2 to 3 years for a successful patent applicant. Learn more fromĀ

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