Steps On How To Patent An Invention

If you are an inventor, meaning you have invented something, you may stand to make a lot of money from your invention. In order to protect your interests, you really should consider patenting your invention. Since, inexperienced people do not know how to patent an invention, the following is information on how to obtain a patent legally.

It is highly advisable that you consider hiring an attorney who practices in the field of patent law who is experienced. If your financial resources will not permit this, it is possible to file your own patent, but it will not be easy due to your inexperience and it probably will take you much longer to prepare the necessary documents and file them. So, if you want good advice on how to patent an invention, you really need to hire a lawyer.

The first thing the patent lawyer or a professional patent agency, such as InventHelp, will do is perform a patent search to see how many other inventions out there are similar to yours. This is a very helpful step in how to patent an invention and will protect you from infringement lawsuits among other things.

The next step is for your attorney to help you prepare the application for a patent. The attorney is an expert in knowing how to patent an invention. He or she will ask you many questions about your invention so that the application form can be filled out well. However, most people do several drafts of the application because there is such a strong chance of the application being rejected, even if you have an experienced lawyer who knows the ins and outs of how to patent an invention. Chances are your application will be rejected and will be returned to you for corrections. Do not be surprised if this happens.

Also do not be surprised if you have a long waiting period after you submit the application. Many times it will take 8 to 10 months for your application to be reviewed. This is one of the most frustrating steps of patenting an invention. However, if it takes longer than 14 months for your application to be reviewed, the life of your patent will be extended. Extensions will be granted on a day per day basis, meaning for every extra day past 14 months, you will earn a day to add to your patent’s life.

If your application is returned to you, you will need to fix it and submit it again as explained inĀ However, the good news is that almost three quarters of patent applications are ultimately approved.

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