Toy vending machines

Some of the best examples of stand-alone toy vending machines are Tomy Gacha Toy Vending Machine TYC – Double and Tomy Gacha Single Vending Machine. With the base for a single unit of just over one square foot, and double that for the double unit, these toy vending machines will fit in tight spaces. Despite that, their display surface, especially the open top display surface will enable the buyers to very clearly see the toys that are included inside the machines which will increase the sales. The single Tomy Gacha unit consists of two toy dispensing units and each of the toy dispensing units holds up to 175 toys. The double Tomy Gacha unit consists of four toy dispensing units, each holding up to 175 toys. The dispensers can be set to $1 or $0.75 payments.

Toy capsules choices

The variety of toy capsules available for toy vending machines is immense. Just on Amazon, you will see 96 and more different toy vending capsules. You will be able to choose from Chicken Little Bobble Head toy capsules, Looney Tunes toy capsules, Magic capsules, Marvel Superhero wristbands vending toys sets, the Can Crew capsule toys, the Disney Pixar capsule toys, the Simpsons capsule toys, the “Mickey and friends” capsule toys, the Princes Precious capsule toys, the Hello Kitty capsule toys, the Pirates of the Caribbean capsule toys, the SpongeBob Squarepants toys, Winnie the Pooh capsule toys, Tenjho Tenge capsule toys, Apollo capsule toy, Godzilla capsule toy, Dr. Finkelstein capsule toy, Pokemon capsule toys, Naruto capsule toys, and many others.

Claw Machines

Maybe more fun than the wending machines are the claw machines. These machines have a mechanic claw with which you need to catch a certain toy/prize to win it. User has to put coins in the machine to start it. Children love these machines. There are different types available, so you should do some research before deciding to buy one. The prices vary a lot. The best place to start your search is the internet, as you will find much bigger choice and you can definitely findĀ cheap big claw machine for sale.

As you can see, by adding the toy vending machines, and the popular toy capsule choices in them, as well as intermixed with the other vending options that you have, your vending place will become more popular and profitable because you will leverage the fame of the toy figures.

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