Using a Patent Attorney or Agency Makes Sense

A Patent Attorney or a Patent Agency Will Save You Time And Money!

Unless you are a lawyer yourself or you have long experience in filing patents, you are likely going to save both time and money, employing a patent attorney.

How To Chose A Good Patent Attorney – Patent agency

A good patent attorney or a patent agency, such as InventHelp, must know how to write claims that will make it near impossible for others to “design around” your invention.

A good patent attorney must be able to explain how writes the claims to reach this all important goal. After all, if you are seeking to have a patent registered, you want to protect your intellectual property!

The following symptoms should ring alarm bells, when you chose your patent attorney. If you notice one or even worse, several of these points, pull the plug and get yourself a better patent attorney:

  • The patent attorney is not interested in the details of the invention.
  • The names of each element are not consistent throughout the specification and claims
  • The attorney claims to be expert at writing an application for any area of technology
  • The patent attorney doesn’t spend enough time learning the subtleties of your invention.

Hiring Your Patent Attorney:

To be sure that you are talking to right people, and do not waste time and money hiring an inexperienced patent attorney, it’s prudent to ask a few questions before singing on the dotted line. These are a few questions you should ask:

  • How long has the patent attorney worked in the field of patents?
  • Ask to see a few examples of previous patents or cases he has been working on recently
  • Why did he chose to work in patents.
  • What skills or qualities does he have that will help your particular case.

Make sure you prepare the list of questions ahead of the meeting with the potential patent attorney, or a patenting agency like InventHelp. That way you don’t forget anything and you also make sure you don’t waste his and your time (particularly important when the patent attorney bills you for the consultation per minute!)

Working With Your Patent Atorney or Agency – How To Save:

The first thing to remember is that you are paying for the time you talk to your attorney! You also pay for the time he spends researching. You can save a lot of this time (and your money) by doing two things:

Do not ask your patent attorney simple, general questions. It’s easy to find the answers yourself by reading books or surfing the internet.

Provide the attorney with as many written details and descriptions as possible, allowing him to simply correct and improve on your details when he writes the patent application with the claims.

This seems to be obvious, but only too often an inventor assumes that the patent attorney will take care of everything. Sure, they will, but at your expense. And as you most likely have a lot of material about your invention, pass it on!

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