Why You Should Use Press Release Services

In days past, a pr would be mailed or blasted out via wire services. They would go to various journalists and media outlets who would then decide if the release merited further attention and distribution. Typically, the shelf life of a pr was very short.

But thanks to the internet, press release distribution is a great way of sending your news to a mass audience. Better yet, they can remain online for a very long time. With journalists, bloggers, analysts, competitors and consumers constantly seeking new information, the pr has evolved very nicely!

The press release has become more than just a media relations tool. With being able to include various images, video clips, infographics, and links to other web pages, press releases really are somewhat of a mini web page. In addition, the option to share them on social networks gives them another life they never previously had.

Because of these expanded uses of press releases in today’s online world, they have become a great way to optimize a site with the search engines.

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