Window Cleaning Tips – Making Life Easier

Window cleaning is not that kind of work that one would like to do daily, and that too alone. It is one hell of a task. For this, you need strong arms and guts too if your house is two or three story tall. If you are not interested and are not strong enough to climb the ladder again and again in order to clean the windows, then second thoughts must be given to your decision of doing it alone.

If you have decided to clean the window, then better make arrangements of a sturdy ladder and cleaning tools like a bucket and a sponge or a cloth. It is best to have two buckets, one filled with clean water and the other one with dirty water; but sooner or later, the clean water bucket will get dirty. If you are particular about cleaning, then change the bucket after cleaning every window or whenever you see that the water is getting dirty. Some people prefer clothes and sponges; you could use them both separately and see which one of them gives the best results.

If there is lot of dust and cobwebs on the window, then vacuum it before cleaning it with a cloth. Use the cloth or sponge in a circular motion. When you are sure that you have cleaned the window successfully and it is free of any dust particles, wipe it with a dry cloth to give your finishing touch. Do the wiping in one direction only; it is the best way to avoid streaks on your window. For high windows, you would need an extension pole and a strip washer. But, there lies a problem with high windows, they are difficult to clean and best results are not a guarantee if the window has several window panes. So, it is best to hire logu mazgasana professionals.

The cleaning of the window also depends on the kind of season. Obviously, you won’t do it during a winter or rainy season. Do the window cleaning when the spring season starts or in the autumn season. One should clean their windows four or five times in a year. If you live in city where the pollution is dominant, then you should clean the windows frequently.

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